My 5k Website

The easier way to get a premium website for your business.

With My5KWebsite our customer can focus on creating awesome content, while we focus on all the technicalities by providing a managed solution. Our State-of-the-art setup ensures that we deliver on websites with zero service downtime. Cliché, as it may sound, ‘how you are dressed, is how you are addressed.’ A website is your corporate identity and it has to look beautifully credible and reliable. That is exactly what we want our customer to get when they sign-up.

How it works

Users will pay a sum of ₦5,000 (monthly) for the first year and a half of that (monthly) for the following years.

This covers hosting, a free domain name as desired by the customer, relevant system updates, SSL (Secure Socket Layer) as well as support and maintenance services. The website will be built and delivered within 7 working days.

To get started on the platform, users require a minimum of 3 months subscription. My5kWebsite builds three categories of websites; eCommerce, blogs, and professional business websites.

The model of spreading the capital over time, with the promise of support — than just a one-off — is fair enough. And given that there are other associated yearly costs of paying one-offs such as; hosting fee, maintenance fee and worrying about other technical issues, My5kWebsite could be a safe haven for SMEs, especially to business owners who intend to reduce their initial burn rate." 

–  Simon Adegboye, CEO Afrodrive

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